Who are we?

On Australia Day 2010, Steve Dorman and Tobias Kline launched The Hills Cider Company, with a goal of producing Australia’s best cider.
Our passionate search for Australia’s highest quality fruit led us to our own backyard, the Adelaide Hills, and its generations of apple and pear growers. After a number of years experimenting with fruit varietals, blends and styles, we launched our now renowned, awarded and nationally distributed range of ciders.



It was important to us from the outset to produce Hills Cider in a way that celebrated and supported Australian farmers. In a sea of ciders made from imported juice concentrate, artificial flavours and colours, we are passionate about crafting a cider utilising only 100% fresh, Australian grown fruit, sourced exclusively from the renowned, cool climate Adelaide Hills, with absolutely nothing added. This dedication to supporting Australian farmers means the success of our company has significant benefits for the local economy, its farmers, businesses and communities.

We remain one of only a handful of cider producers in Australia that maintain a ‘land to hand’ level of control over each and every stage of production. We work closely with our growers in orchard management, instilling labour intensive processes that provide the ultimate growing conditions for the quality of fruit we desire. Our fruit is hand selected and hand-picked, ensuring the balance and quality of the fruit meets our stringent specifications.

Intervention throughout production is kept to a minimum, with deference to the integrity and freshness of the fruit paramount at every step. We crush and filter our fruit cold, then begin fermentation immediately, to retain flavour, structure and delicate fruit aromatics.

This process is undertaken in small batches on a weekly basis, to guarantee the freshness of our product. This is the equivalent of doing a small vintage every week, but it is this dedication to quality control that has seen our ciders become the most highly awarded and regarded in Australia.

Since our inception we have achieved unparalleled recognition as a benchmark for Australian cider. This support from some of the industry’s leading voices has been strengthened with an impressive list of awards, including 3 years Best Pear Cider and 2013 Champion Australian Perry at the Australian Cider Awards, plus back to back Gold Medal and Best Cider in Show at the 2013 and 2014 Perth Royal Show. Our most exciting win to date was taking Champion in Show at the 2013 Australian Cider Awards, where we were humbled to be the first ever Australian cider producer to take out the top spot. 

Our dedication to producing crisp, fresh, fruit driven ciders from 100% fresh apples and pears has been enthusiastically supported by a consumer market eager to support an independent, Australian owned company crafting a cider that helps celebrates our Aussie farmers.

We believe in supporting local – from the farmers that grow our fruit to the pubs that pour our cider. 
Our philosophy is simple—support local, drink local.


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The Australian Cider Awards 2011
Best Pear Cider in Class
Australia’s Best Pear Cider
Best Apple Cider in Class 

The Australian Cider Awards 2013
Bronze Medal Apple Class
Best Pear Cider in Class
Australia’s Best Pear Cider
Champion in Show

The Australian Cider Awards 2014
Best in Class Pear

The Australian Cider Awards 2015
Best in Class Apple
Best in Class Pear
Bronze Medal Ginger
Bronze Medal Cloudy Apple
Bronze Medal Apple Pomegranate
Silver Medal Hop Edition

Royal Adelaide Beer and Cider Awards 2015
Highly Commended Apple
Silver Medal Apple
Bronze Medal Bring Back the Funk

New Zealand NW Beer and Cider Awards 2016
Gold Medal Pear
Bronze Medal Apple

Royal Adelaide Beer and Cider Show 2016
Best Cider in Show - Solera
Best South Australian Exhibit - Solera

The Australian Cider Awards 2016
Best in Class Medium Pear
Best in Class Apple & Pear Blend
Best in Class Experimental - Hop Edition
Best in Class Cider w/ Fruit - Apple & Ginger